Rain, Rain, Rain!

Well, it seems I must wait another day to go out running. The weather has taken a decided down turn from the 80s down to the 50s and started to rain. Now, normally, I love rain. It’s cleansing, and soothing, and it brings something fresh to the nose, but I don’t want it to rain for the next lil while because if it rains and I try to run, or walk, I’m going to lose the progress I’ve made in conditioning my feet to go barefoot….at least if I’m not careful I will. And call me over paranoid, but I figure if I keep trying to run in shoes, well my feet just won’t know what to think, will they? It’s one thing to run in the Vibrams after your feet are totally ready for it, but my feet are not. You see the progression of learning how to run barefoot begins with…Going barefoot! Not minimalist, because you need to develop the sensory perceptions with your feet and develop the pads of your feet to respond as you encounter a variety of surfaces. In turn, what your feet encounter will feed to your brain and tell you how to naturally land to avoid obstacles, to land your feet properly, and to align your body. On days like this I would suggest spending your exercise time (if your not ready for the Vibrams/ Minimalist shoe yet) doing foot and leg stretches that will keep your toes, soles, ankles, and foot limber and ready to go. Or, you can work on your form. I know it sounds silly… standing in your house or your patio or balcony and working on landing one foot at a time while not necessarily running, probably sounds a bit weird. But, it’s worth it if it can help you learn better ways to run imho. If you have room you could even do jumping jacks and jump rope!

Another great activity for the days of inclement weather…Reading! I am currently reading “Living Low Carb” by Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS. It’s an excellent resources for all things low-carb. It covers all the major ways of doing low-carb, and even some more exotic methods, and gives a detailed analysis of each. It also covers all the biggest myths about low-carb living, and has a great FAQ section.

In an update, I am currently still hampered with two tiny lil thorns in my left foot. I’ve tried epsom soak, baking soda paste/soak, tweezers, and just letting it sit in overnight. If anyone has any suggestions for more exotic methods to try feel free to let me know in the comment box, please! Thanks! In the meantime, I’ll be out sniffing the smell of rain, *sigh*


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I'm a young woman who is majoring in English at Front Range Community College.

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