Take Your Vitamins

Well, Good morning all!

I am happy to report that (so far) my thorn-riddled foot is no longer hurting. Yippee!  Now, on to more exciting things… today the weather is looking grand and I just might be able to go on a run. So, in preparation for said run, I am making sure I eat a nice breakfast, and am downing all my vitamins.

The interesting thing is, vitamins come in all shapes and sizes and people are often times confused as far as what to get for a comprehensive pill that does everything they want. First off, I highly doubt your going to find very many “high-quality” pharmaceutical grade “one a day” type of pills. There are many (In this author’s opinion) that are the basic cheap vitamins you could pick up at your nearest “pick-up-anything-n-go store” that are not appropriate for use, most especially in budding athletes. For one, your body can only metabolize so much of a vitamin at one time. Two, the vitamin you pick should be from a reputable source with high-quality ingredients.

In my efforts to find what works best for me (And this will be an individual experience), I have started comparing two different types of multivitamin regimens. The first is the GNC brand Women’s Ultra Mega Active. The other product is the Animal Pak. Though two very different types of multivitamins, I wanted to compare them because I had wanted to get a comprehensive type of multivitamin that would benefit me for purposes of:

1. provide me a full list of nutrients

Many multivitamins only give you the basic list of A, B, C, D etc… they don’t go all out in an attempt to accomplish a goal like say for instance ” weight loss” or “bodybuilding”  Or if they claim to, they often only give partial support ….and not every other extra nutrient that you could possibly use. Here are the webpages for these two products I’m currently using. I’m comparing days in which I do use one over days I use the other. Just trying to see how it makes me feel and what, in the long term, would be best for me. You’ll notice on their pages that they each have an ingredients list. I like this. It tells me exactly what I can expect from each product.

Animal Pak

GNC Women’s Ultra Mega Active (30 Packs)

2. have a good reputation

Though both companies have a solid reputation for delivering excellent products I’m still rather leery and am taking the time to find out where their sources are for research and sources for their products ingredients. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find something out. I highly recommend everyone do this when choosing a multivitamin.

3. have high quality sources

4. be convenient to take.

So far, I like that the pills come segmented in daily allotments, but I’m not liking that there is no pamphlet or brochure to guide you as to which color of pill to take and when. And daaaaang some of these pills are horse pills!!! I do add the caveat that there are guides on the internet on the manufacturer’s website that somewhat help in this regard, it would just be more convenient if it came with the box.

Well, now that I’ve taken my vitamins and had a hearty breakfast, I’m about to head off to explore that trail that is nearby…it’s calling my name. 😉


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I'm a young woman who is majoring in English at Front Range Community College.

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  1. You completed a whole of good points there. I did a search on the theme and found generally persons will consent with your blog. I am not certainly superb with English but I line up this real easygoing to read .

    • Thank you, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my blog. Please come back and keep an eye out, I’m always trying to put out stuff that can help people.

  2. Hiya! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good data you have right here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for extra soon.

    • I appreciate the thumbs up! I wanted to be comprehensive without overwhelming. I’m glad I achieved that. Please come back anytime and check things out.

  3. gnc is a very good company. I do trust the quality of their vitamins. The womans ultra mega is an excellent addition to the day. Though I’ve never taken either of these. I usualy do a mish mash of individual vitamins which seem to take forever to swallow. ;).

    p.s. I just noticed you in my dashboard. Thank you for the subscription.

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