A Time Out for the Toes

Well, I guess I have some rather disappointing news. Yesterday, the 15th of the month of May, I tripped over a power cable in my home and when I landed it put me straight down on the tip of my left foot’s big toe. So I did what your are supposed to do in these situations. I took a motrin and iced it. For about an hour. But, in that amount of time, irregardless of the ice, my toe swelled up to twice it’s normal size. I couldn’t move it along with the other toes, so I decided to have my friends take me to the hospital ER. In the barefoot lifestyle, you come to expect an injury or two….every once in a while. But this was hilarious, in it’s execution, as I attempted to explain how I had tried to walk down the hallway and ended up tripping over a power cable to the bemused physician’s assistant. It was not hilarious, however, when they gave me two shots in the webbing of my toes for the pain. I believe the phrase is, “I screamed like a lil girl” Yeah well ….I have big lungs, so I’m sure you can imagine. I think I hurt the poor woman’s ear drums. They did a set of 3 different X-Rays and came back to tell me that, indeed, I had a bone fracture of the big toe. I’ve heard of people stubbing their toes and breaking them, but this was a first for me. And a very, very, very unwelcome bit of news, as I have finally been getting my running regimen off the ground. Now, I have two pieces of advice for my readers…. First, DO NOT Stub your toe. It hurts. (Go figure, right?) Two, (ok, here’s the real advice) Follow your doctor’s advice…at whatever cost. Regardless of the circumstances, if you follow your doctor’s advice and keep it elevated, and rested, and iced, you’re generally going to feel better and your injury will heal faster and correctly. The ER put me in a walking shoe after wrapping my foot, and sent me on home. I got home and immediately followed my doctor’s advice. While rested and upraised, my foot changed a startlingly varied amount of colors. It was with rather ghoulish humor, that I observed my big toe going from white to black and blue to a solid black. Very freaky, let me tell ya! Now I am appropriately upset that my goals for running are to be put off for a lil while, but I figure this will give me time to read up on technique, foot placement, and theory. If you guys have any advice on how to handle a broken big toe feel free to leave a comment and let me know. I’ll be in touch with further updates.


About kiznick

I'm a young woman who is majoring in English at Front Range Community College.

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  1. Many thanks for sharing.

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