Busy as a Bee’s Bottom!

Hello world,

To those who have visited my site and sent me their compliments, tis much appreciated. Thank you for reading! Well, I apologize that it’s taken this long to get another post out. It’s been quite a crazy summer and now we’re heading into the earth toned colors of fall. As the leaves fall, I turn my mind to the happenings of the past few months. After I broke my toe, I spent the first month mainly on as much of a flat surface as possible when resting and kept my foot elevated to reduce the swelling. To say it looked like something Frankenstein would want to eat, is putting it mildly. My toe was really gross looking! Not to mention, very painful and stiff. The podiatry docs just kept telling me to do what I was doing and it would all work out. So… a few weeks later I got out of the boot cast and went to flip-flops. The idea of jamming my toe into any other form of shoe just sucked at that time. It even hurt to just have a blanket laying over the top of the toe as I pointed my feet straight up. So it took weeks for the sensitivity to go away and then it was yet still more weeks for the stiffness to go away. I kept myself as barefoot as much as possible, except for when I had to go places…then I utilized my flip-flops until I could handle sticking my feet back into toe-shoes like my Vibram Komodos. As of today’s date, I have only worn regular shoes twice since I broke my foot! 🙂 I even wore ballet style flats to a wedding later this summer. It worked out perfectly. I was able to dance right along with the rest of ’em.

As a result of my accident and other serious reasons, I had let my eating habits run away from me and now I find myself struggling to get back to the Induction phase of Atkin’s influenced with a bit of Paleo. I have redesigned my supplement regimen and my exercise schedule. I now take a B Vitamin Complex with Raw Vegetables, a Joint Support Complex, CLA, Ganoderma Lucidum, and several products from Mannatech on odd days. On even days I do much the same, except I replace the B Vitamin Complex with a Full Vitamin Pack for Active Women from GNC. I’m back to logging my foods meticulously and monitoring my drink intake. Only water or sugar-free crystal light or protein shakes low in carbs. No juice, no milk, no soda, no carbonated drinks.

As for exercise, I’m back to going to the gym on odd days and on even days I have started out walking barefoot around the local parks/neighborhoods. I will eventually progress to a run. I recently ordered a new pair of huaraches from invisibleshoe.com so I need to compliment them on their comfortable ordering process. It was fast, efficient, and accomplished. Good job invisibleshoe.com!

Well, that’s my latest and greatest. I hope to see you all on good trails with fair weather! Take care, and please feel free to leave comments!


About kiznick

I'm a young woman who is majoring in English at Front Range Community College.

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