Around the Merry-Go Round We Go

I had an epiphany today. I know….sounds painful, right? 🙂 I went for a half shod/half bare run around the neighborhood today. I took my path a few blocks around in a circle and headed towards the community park that is across the street from my home. It was more of an exercise in fartleks. As I, being severely deconditioned because of the events of this summer, slowly ran around the track, I look up and lo and behold…it’s a herd! Right there, coming towards me are all of these miniature peoples! I was confounded for a moment as I processed this information. For surely there was some type of law regarding childcare that was being broken at this very moment…..that or it was just an invasion of the planet by miniature aliens. I knew it! I always knew there was life on….this planet? Oh well….anyways, I digress. There I was, barefoot and going very slowly (which is a safe way to do it, thank you!), watching my form, and this whole train of kids comes barreling past me. As old and decrepit as it made me feel (somewhat), I had this internal recognition that “THAT” was the whole goal. Attempting to reconnect to the earth and through that process grab onto a piece of unadulterated joy and throw off the trappings of society and civilization, and remember the primal fun we had as children running amok among our neighborhoods. Next time your out and about on your own daily walks or runs, try to pretend that your still that child of your youth. As they say it, “Fake it till you make it!” Remember to have FUN. It’s not worth doing if you feel like it’s just a chore. If you can’t figure out a way to do that then find yourself a running buddy and motivate each other. It’s important to be serious about your understanding of the process of becoming a barefoot runner, but you don’t have to be so serious that you “ground” your inner child from all the fun.


About kiznick

I'm a young woman who is majoring in English at Front Range Community College.

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