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Tripped by a Thorn

So, I was all excited because today I was going to go explore a new trail. Only thing being, I had gone on a hike with some friends on Sunday and gone barefoot part of the way. I didn’t even realize it but the reason I was so unnaturally sore on Monday was because I had apparently picked up two thorns into the sole of my left foot during that lil jaunt! FYI everyone, this is going to happen to you ….sometimes alot, sometimes not, just depends on the terrain of where you plan to run barefoot. In one of those “duh!” like moment’s I found those two tiny lil black dots on my foot and went &^*^(%&*%%! There goes today’s run most likely. Soooo, I am now sitting here in a Baking Soda foot bath, attempting to get the thorns to come out on their own and reading “Barefoot Running: Step by Step” by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton. A very fine read if I do say so. I highly recommend that book.

In other news, I just picked up my third pair of Vibrams. I bought the new KomodoSport Vibrams pictured below. Sometime tells me I should have been wearing those on Sunday’s lil jaunt. 😛


The Barefoot Experience

Here is a video I found by Dr. Daniel Lieberman, The Barefoot Professor. This is an excellent introduction to Barefoot Running and how it works.

And, this video is of the Movnat creator running barefoot and performing moves from his natural method of exercise.

Both of these gentleman have their links on my links list, for a good reason….they have excellent information to offer up to those of us in the masses who are ready for something different!

And finally, you have to see this video! This video discusses The Tarahumara Indians and how they run superhuman distances!

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